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Trout in butter, poached

Rainbow trout, caught in the clean waters of the Jeseníky foothills, from local trout farms. We use exclusively fresh trout, which we steam, add a spoonful of melted butter and lightly seasoning. This delicacy can be enjoyed cold, with bread, or warm, with potatoes, vegetables, etc.  
Gluten-free product
Composition: poached fresh rainbow trout fillet (92% fresh), melted butter (7.5%), salt, seasoning
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130 g
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We get our trout from two small local trout farms. Our carp come from the pond regions of – Třeboň and Pálava. You don’t need to worry about prickly bones, as they’re soft just like in sterilised sea-fish products. Try for yourself and see.

Allergens: fish, lactose

Standard expedition time is 1 day.
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